Scripts ppl play, authors intent, inference issues

Ah! Transactional Analysis.

Yes, I grew up in an environment where that was everywhere I went, although I didn’t know its name. I absorbed a lot of it as true and it has become part of my… lingo I suppose, in a shortened fashion.

Related, on the back of the toilet growing up was a book, “Scripts People Play”. Elementary school kid, bored during a long sit, I read it. Over and over, because it just sat there. Easy stuff. We’re all but players on a stage, reciting our parts and we forgot it was all but a play. Shakespeare revisited, although I learned the pop psych before I learned the Shakespeare it was based on.

The I’m ok/not ok, we mocked openly in school. There were posters EVERYWHERE about it. It was THE THING that was going to cure all the ills of society.

Yet, I absorbed some of it. Oddly enough, it softened relations with many people and turned out to be a practical way to relate to people socially who were causing problems. Do I believe it on a deep down level? Not really. But it’s practical. There’s the American again.

I’ve never done well with inference. It does not come naturally to me. Perhaps a cognitive flaw.


[I’m an evidence guy. I like tangible things]

Here is my 7th grade (age 13) standardized test. All is fine, typical stuff, nothing spectacular. But notice: What’s that left bar?

I know exactly where I was flawed in that portion of the test, as it was _always_ the place I was “flawed” on these tests:


Never good at it. I’m like an alien plopped down in a society full of people who think they understand intentions. There is a lot unwritten and unspoken when one infers. It is perhaps why programming always appealed to me. You have lay EVERYTHING out on the table without assumptions because assumptions don’t allow a program to work. Clarity does.

Perhaps, given my lack of clarity in using the language you use properly, you could classify my way of thinking properly for me.
I suspect I engage in:
as opposed to inductive or deductive. Would this seem to be the case?

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