Scott Brizel so for events, there are event boundaries. 

Scott Brizel
so for events, there are event boundaries.

a range is defined (a day). it is not a general day, but a specific day. a particular.

that particular day has event boundaries – a range where it exists and outside of which it does not.

with that background, there is a hypothetical event called “going to the beach”.

it has a range with event boundaries as well.

does the “going to the beach” event and the particular day event range overlap?

if they do not overlap, then they did not go to the beach that day. 


Scott Brizel
what interesting with this is there’s a hypothetical event defined.

 what I wonder is: where does that hypothetical event exist?


Scott Brizel oh there’s existence.

I see them in terms of ranges: there are boundary conditions where you can define the beginning and end of objects or events.

with the range of “exists within” defined, there is existence.
i’m just restating in more words what you said in a way that works with me conceptually. 





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