Scored high as “OFFBEAT” (76%). Ok, yikes.

Scored high as “OFFBEAT” (76%). Ok, yikes.
Motivation: To find new ways to do things
Purpose: Knowledge selection/discovery
Conflict: new ways vs. status quo/old ways
Historic antecedent: Jungian Intuition vs. Sensing
Historic example: Albert Einstein
Film example: Che Guevara (Motorcycle Diaries)
Counter example: Robert E. Lee
Characteristics: not big on customs/traditions, has a strong need for individuality, anti-status quo, revolutionary, their ideas sometimes surprise people, does things others find strange, obscure, non-conformist, peculiar, considered to be eccentric by others, abstract, lives life on own terms, alternative, experimental, artistic, rebels for the sake of rebellion (i.e. even when it doesn’t make sense), good at making impromptu speeches, has take frequent stands in the face of strong opposition, inclined to do the opposite of what others want them to do, good at coming up with something new, radical, discordant thinker, complex, crazy, wild, atypical, idiosyncratic, likes losing them-self in things, random, often acts on the spur of the moment, creative, likes to do frightening things, improviser, seeks out the patterns of the universe, feels best taking risks, main motivation is to be different, feels attracted to the mysterious, prefers variety to routine, has a vivid imagination, spontaneous, breaks the rules, prone to excess, intense, mystical
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