Scientists Warn.. Professor Says.. convincing people is easy when Statistics Show…

This proves one thing that I always suspected: Professors like to warn people of stuff by spending lots of time thinking about things nobody thought of until they brought it up and then scaring them with it.

Professor: Troll Level 9000+
[except… when they don’t realize they’re trolling… O_O – that’s when they’ve entered… the game… itself….]


10:27 PM

[I’d also say that proves that news is always looking for unexpected things to report.. but.. well. .that’s what news does.  And… if it’s said by a Professor, a guy with Dr. behind his name.. or it says: Scientists Warn…  or *Statistics Show…” … then they’re super happy ’cause… well… it seems more believable that way :P

[and yes, elf on a shelf is creepy.  “look isn’t it cute?  ignore the secret spy cam we installed in it and just act normal.  You’ll soon forget it’s there… “… oh wait.. that’s what the Prof was talking about lol…  see, it’s already gotten in my head.  That’s why writing well and persuasively is so important +Erik Boesen – it’s powerful enough to get ideas in ppls head without them even realizing it.  A frightening power but when wielded in the right hands, it’s a good thing.  This idea snuck its way in my head and I didn’t even realize it at first… all based on a headline…]

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