Science, lack of sarcasm, my way of thinking and bulletproof.

I suppose what differs between my way of thinking and, for example, the Scientific Method is that I find it rather limiting and greatly abused. It serves a function and it is great but there is often more hoopla and hyperbole surrounding it than actual “Science” as it were.

The uncertainty may be built-in to the system, but I find few that actually follow it well. Also, due to the limitations of a solely externalist perspective, I can endorse the Scientific Method for being “good for what it’s good for”, but its boundaries are easy to spot… and besides which, modern Science is *terrible* at history. That is one of the things I like about Philosophy – Philosophy has a much better grasp of History, something greatly missing from the Science communities.

I also do not like the power structure within the Sciences. HOW Theoretical Physics got on top of the food chain, I will never fully grasp, except perhaps it serves the Religious/Spiritual function of the family. It’s marvelous but its absolute dependence upon mathematics has been getting dangerous as of late, as certain proponents are actually wanting to “untether” Theoretical Physics from verification through evidence. That single step will remove it from the Sciences altogether, imo, and move it into… well, perhaps a new branch of Philosophy or perhaps another department.

You may also notice I do not participate in sarcasm. I do not read it from people’s writings often, nor do I produce it often. So if you have produced any, the humor would have been a very private joke. It’s not that I am incapable, it is just that I have exorcised it from my processing system, as “saying the opposite of what you mean” lost its lustre long ago for me. [that is nephew’s answer for “what is sarcasm?” when he was beginning the sarcastic stage at the age of 8, and I did not want him to use it on me. He’s 10 now and while he occasionally indulges in it, he tends to temper it with me in the form of dry wit rather than opposites.

[in short, I briefly see the sarcasm, then I ignore it, and respond at what was said, not what was implied]. Working with children for many years in various capacities, living in a house with a multiple of adult women who argue and I must be peacemaker, as well as participating in Internet discussion groups for 27 years has made me about as bulletproof as one could imagine – mostly. tongue emoticon

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