Science is stories – engineering is physical.

+JTB Pred Oh, I don’t need to sound smart. And in general you are correct: I don’t know what I’m talking about. Leaving the chat? Naw, if I got kicked out of a chat I’d force my way back in through the basement or from the rooftop. :P

Science is a system of thinking. It is not the only one out there. It is one that’s in common usage. I tend to agree with it on just about everything.

It’s probably the closest thing to my religion as I have right now.

But it’s not my religion as it is for some. I don’t have a religion.

I’d say that the Engineering method is a little closer to my belief system as to determining truth: It involves the use of heuristics – using “what works” rather than waiting for a theory to come around to explain it.

Engineering predates Science by thousands of years. Bridges have been built, buildings constructed, long before Aristotle and the other Greeks started working on our current system that we call Science.

One of the problems with Science is that it forgets its past too quickly and is very driven by fads.

Science deals with approximations to reality but it isn’t reality. It tells good stories that seem to be born out by observation much of the time. Its accuracy varies as does the accuracy of all storytelling.

Other story systems worked for their people too. They were religions and the stories they told described reality as accurately as they could do for their people at their point in history.

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