science and reason are not the best but they’re something. Still not quite right though.


  • I’ll _concede_ but in this fashion:
    The sciences _seem_ to *currently* provide us with the ‘state of the art’ in human derived methodologies for providing us with usable answers that might be sound enough to be useful.

     will give a tip of the hat to Logic in that manner as well.

  • But I will always tread careful any rope bridge, no matter how sound it appears, metaphorically speaking (and in reality – I don’t like rope bridges, excessively complicated logic chains nor some of the questionable assumptions found within some of the sciences or within some of mathematics. Yet, if I have to cross a chasm…. I just gotta hope for the best and cross it or just be happy where I’m at. [or find another way across, which is what I usually end up doing anyway ]


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