School sucks. It always sucked. Want to fix education? Not pay taxes isn’t gonna do it. Gotta go into politics.

Gotta go into politics  if you want to fix Education. Grassroots even. Not that I’m a fatalist per se but I remember family stories. School sucked for my grandmother. School sucked for my mother. School sucked for me. School sucks for my 9 yr old nephew who is having to deal with the beginnings of Common Core trying to confuse the math out of him [break-down / rebuild the soldier is the model of Common Core. Having known people who boot-camp BROKE and couldn’t fix… the psychiatrists will have a field day in the next few year with THIS model of education)

Long story short:

School always sucks. There’s a alt-school voucher system in place in most of the country that doesn’t get advertised that encourages a child-directed education (I think it’s called Magnet schools?) that aren’t perfect either but taxes pay for those as well. I just wish they’d catch those that fall far off the bell curve before 6th grade and they become cutters and stuff. *sigh*

Anyway… I’m glad to pay because school is pretty much going to suck, with a few possible exceptions *perhaps* and the kids are here and more kids keep getting made and there’s no employment for under 18 nor can they have bank accounts but the parents *do* have employment and bank accounts and the kids gotta go SOMEWHERE.

Yeah, it sucks.

But Rubber-meets-the-road, unless you’re gonna go into politics and get in a position to make change… or petition those in power successfully to do so… not paying taxes just gets you… fined.

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