saying not don’t shouldn’t has the opposite effect.

I’ll give you a tip that you don’t have to follow of course – its a thing VERY FEW ppl know psychologically that happens when you talk about “NOT”s:

Example: If I tell you: “Don’t think about a pink elephant wearing a tutu while jumping into a pit of alligators”, you first have to think about the pink elephant, the tutu and the alligators, and THEN try to not think about it.

But by then… it’s too late.  You’ve already thought about it.  It’s in your brain.

To truly wipe an enemy off the face of the earth, you’d have to remove all memory of it.  Never mention it.  Never imply it.  I’m not suggesting that you do; I think your posts about IOS are funny because, well, they’re all true!  (like I say, I don’t care what device I have as long as it works).

But it’s like when you’re little and an adult says, “Now, don’t ever say the F word”.  Well, you immediately have this urge to say it… and you quietly go into your room and say it.

It’s also one of those secret Jedi Mind Tricks; if you want someone to do something, you can tell them “shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do that”… and there’s a good chance they’ll do it.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the update.  I know it wasn’t your intention but it helped me just the same :P  (I’ll probably wait though – most upgrades aren’t worth it at first)

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