Say cheese! Welcome to your Insular

^Say cheese! Welcome to your Insular Cortex. It's what makes "me" me and "you" you. All the complicated stuff in life is felt as a deep emotion, including the feeling of "I AM". It, in turn decides what we can ignore and pay attention to – on a moment by moment basis and, most importantly, what we are ignoring, which is everything else. And there is a lot of "everything else" at any given moment that you have ignore. What you focus on, decides what you remember and anticipate to happen next. This pulls deep memories in, comparing now with the past and the anticipated future. Tihs, in turn feeds back into the emotions, compexifying it even further. This is why having self-control over our own emotions as much as possible: It decides for us where to focus next. Change your emotional state, change what's important to you. Change what's important to you and you change you life, for worse or for better or for keeping things exactly as they are. -Kenneth Udut^

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