Saw good case for gendered bathrooms:

Saw good case for gendered bathrooms: Often the only place for women to escape in most places in the USA that most men respect.

That said, I don’t like how gendered bathrooms force millions of mothers with sons and fathers with daughters to make a difficult and pointless decision daily.

I’d prefer unibathrooms for most high traffic places except bars and highly sexually charged environments or maybe 3: Women, Men, I’m here to toilet.

I agree for the long term. However I did see a solid arguement in small places such as bars and such as to the multi-function use of women’s room that is distinct from toilet issues.

Personally? I’d like to see every community equipped with a proper 24 hr abuse center for those issues, although even colleges with those don’t always run them properly.

I’m also ok with that. It was hard to win me over from uni bathrooms – but they brought up stories that reminded me of my sister trying to escape from a sociopathic boyfriend as a teenager and he went after her without stopping…. until I realized that most standard men, even abusive treat the women’s room as a never-go-there place, which usually offers some protections.

That said, everybody’s safety should be ensured.


I agree. I don’t know who will pay for remodeling but yes I agree. It saddens me though that there’s a continued need for safety of this kind in 2018. That kind of safety applies to trans women and trans men as well.

I was sold on unisex bathrooms back in 1990. My college had them and it seemed to be the way everything should be.

But how easily I forget that there are a lot of unsafe places in the USA that won’t be so quick to make any progressive changes, where life is really not so different than decades previous…

.. but in my ideals and heart I’m in agreement with you and where it can be done, it should be.


Same. For the USA, it would probably have to be a state-by-state initiative, or at least start at county building codes and work upwards. It can happen.



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