Saving this “Oxytocin vs Testosterone” as it is a nice, hard won (2 years) list of references by Alessandro Miani .

Saving this “Oxytocin vs Testosterone” as it is a nice, hard won (2 years) list of references by Alessandro Miani .
Alessandro Miani
Université de Neuchâtel 5th May, 2018
Ok, after two years, I can come up with a partial answer!
Testosterone (T) and oxytocin (OXT) are well known to interact with each other (1–3), producing opposite behavioral effects (4–7) due to the blocked OXT receptors by T (8,9). In the brain, one of the target of both T and OXT is the prefrontal cortex (PFC) (10), a network that is crucial for impulse control and self-regulation, important also for social cognition, mentalization, and empathy (11). The PFC has an inhibitor effect on behavior (12,13), thus, a reduced activity does lead to an increased propensity towards aggressive behavior (14).
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