Sarcasm; a tool for social communication among some girls but not terribly clever.

Unless you were speaking sarcasm. I don’t speak sarcasm. Gave up on it years ago; saying the opposite of what I really mean stopped feeling clever.  When my nieces were in 3rd/4th grade, they really believed I didn’t understand them; I would take them at their word.  They got to feel socially superior to their idiot uncle, which is what they wanted.

But my nephew, who is nine now, when he attempted sarcasm-for-emphasis when he was eight last year, I did the same thing but with one difference; I called him on it.  It lost its power and he stopped being sarcastic with me.  I didn’t mind my nieces using it; women have a complex social world to navigate and sarcasm is a powerful tool within it.

But men are allowed to be literal; and gain an image of intelligent when they are literal; which is why I encouraged him to be straight with me whenever possible.

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