Sandbox games vs biomedical imaging: Points with Personality

yeah – Lego has tried similar things in the past, but they were smart this time when Minecraft came out and I think they learned a lot of stuff in the process.  It’s a bit minecraft, a bit cubeworld, a bit Trove.  I’m on the list for Planets3 whenever it comes out; I preordered a copy like last year or so; probably the only time I did a GoFundMe.. I mean, i was basically just buying an early copy.

So in general, I’m a believer in the sandbox genre.  I’ve been comparing it to the 3D/4D rendering engines they use for biomedical applications – brain scans, visualizing DNA, or chemicals as they do their chemistry.. and these games are years ahead of the biomedical field.  They’re still using points – but these sandbox games have POINTS with PERSONALITY.

As always, can’t wayt to see what the future brings :P

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