Same happens today but they replaced the word “God” with “Nature” but it’s the same push.

Indeed. In older times, Scientists (then “Natural Philosophers”, which is better name, imo) were trying to prove the “mind of God”. Same happens today but they replaced the word “God” with “Nature” but it’s the same push.


and I’m about as 100% agnostic as it gets. I “don’t know” and generally leave it at that, although I’m happy to have discussions both logical and theological alike.


Funny thing is, I rarely ever see theists online anymore. I know they exist… I’ve heard they still do. But maybe it’s the company I keep. I must hang around agnostics and atheists a lot and the religious people I know are all the gentle types who aren’t evangelizing, just trying to be good ppl.


Yeah, as a metaphor it’s workable up to a point. that’s what I liked about the idea – purely metaphorical but once Dawkins himself started getting weird, I kinda backed off from my appreciation even of selfish gene… I didn’t need it as a metaphor as I have a dozen others, and by association I get painted with a brush I don’t want tongue emoticon


Yup.. or worse, “The Universe is Math”. I _still_ bang my head against the table on that idea. I want to scream, Numbers are Useful Analogies People! Hellooo…. but when people get sold on a metaphor, they’ll die before giving it up.


Well, it’s good for us to expose what we know openly… that way if we’re mistaken or could use a little tweaking, we have others to help us along. We all get smarter that way smile emoticon



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