s that we believe to be true.

Yes! We can go from big to small or small to big and it works. That shows that they are all part of the same system. If you figure out the system in the big, then you figured out the system in the small. And visa-versa. Analogies. In fact, all of science is based upon exactly that premise. Zooming in and out of reality with prescision… bringing the tiny things up to a level that we can see… and process and making the big things small – like a telescope. And it’s not figurative – it’s literal. When you see a planet on a telescope, you see something 2 inches wide. But the planet isn’t 2 inches wide.Well, actually it *is* two inches wide. On the computer screen that’s how big it is. But we know that it is *also* much larger, based on a system of optics that we believe to be true. “

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