s thanks to spongebob meme infiltration

My 1 2 y r ol d nephew spouts politics thanks to spongebob meme infiltration and while I use it as “teachable moments” (hate that phrase) it’s still annoying he’s spouting the kind of stuff that’s usually the stuff of angry, disillusioned, jobless 2 3 yr olds. [who also happen to be the youtubers making the memes he watches].

Then again, we share an adoration of the classic Soviet anthem so there’s that and all he has to do is quietly play it in his 6th grade class and at least 5 other kids in his class will stand up and salute… one of which does a not-Nazi-enough-to-get-in-trouble-but-close [that kid’s recently getting into 4chan but nephew’s smart enough to stay away from it… for now]…. *sigh*

Of all the national anthems on the planet, it’s the best of the best. Never liked the US anthem – we really need to at LEAST switch it out to America the Beautiful instead of that bombing song we use. [old tech man]

I don’t worry so much about amazingatheist but I keep an ear out for some of the attitudes coming out of folks like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW7o_c8aepc – I don’t watch them but when I hear something new and strange coming out of his mouth I try to trace it back a little. He’s a good kid and this is just his generation’s “truly tasteless jokes” but still I gotta do my uncle part and be the “yeah but…” when he repeats a typical youtube anti-feminist rant [from 2011].


as a PS, I did this (in one shot) – a cringey attempt to sing the US national anthem to the Soviet anthem. It scans perfectly, leading me to believe the original Soviet anthem was based on Star Spangled Banner at least in cadence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fEJ3V08jYQ



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