s science. I expect a merg…

That’s the wonder of the imagination – it can go to all of the places and times that our bodies may never go to. think of religious figures of the past, how they would experience God, or attain a moment of nirvana – and now, with the amazing strides made by scientific inquiry we can have the same religious experiences but with measurable ‘stuff’ – in a sense, an authenticated “wow” experience tha…t’s about as true as humanity currently can make it. What I love about science is that it’s ever-changing – and a good science actually PREFERS to be proven wrong, because being on the right track is everything. But the human experience – the curiousity, the desire to EXPAND the sense of self to encompass the Cosmos, has been a force in humans for 100,000 years, each usin the language and cultures of the day. For today, its science. I expect a merg… “

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