s except poets and writers :)

Alex Sandy Crow I love sideways thinking. :P Actually “What” *is* exactly the book I’m working on. I made a a super-thesaurus a few months ago, cross-linking all the words in a thesaurus, to find a pattern – and it popped out. There’s five levels of words before all words correspond to each other. I don’t know WHY nobody did this before, but I guess it’s me. Anyway, “What” is a 4th level word. “Mom” is level 3, along with “yucky”.. “Dad” is level 2, and words like “Word”, “fire”, “cave” are level 1. Hm. I guess that could be my first book, ’cause it’s handy to me, but who the heck would want a super-thesaurus except poets and writers :)

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