s between liquid and gas -…

Ooh – surface tension – love that stuff — the boundary between two things. I bet you’re absolutely 100% right – colder molecules are tougher, making the liquid a little more ‘solid” -making the surface tension even more solid. So what you’re saying then is the colder surface tension, being a little tougher/thicker can hold the liquid in just a little bit better – maybe its even a little DENSER …as a whole. But if its hotter, the more active molecules in the body of the liquid, combined with a thinner surface tension, allows the bulk of the liquid to BURST THROUGH, just about jumping out of the coffee cup and into your now scalding, blistering, painful hand. I love it! makes great sense to me. In fact – I just learned the other day there is a state the liquid water can get into when its under pressure that’s a cross between liquid and gas -… “

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