Russian language resources circa 1999

Hello James :)

I, too, am a Russian student, who took a summer program in
beginning Russian. [one can learn quite a bit in those programs!].

If you find anything, please report it to FLTEACH, or forward it
to me at this address [[log in to unmask]] if you can.

Here's what I have been doing since taking that course
a month or so back:

I have started using LANGUAGE BRIDGE

which is probably controversial, and is only available
in English/Russian or Russian/English versions.  But
it's only around $160, and, having worked with it
for three weeks, I'm already quite pleased with it.

There is also something I haven't looked at yet,
but heard tremendous things about - Rosetta Stone.

I don't know their WWW address off the top of
my head, but it too is worth a look at. [I'm
probably going to be purchasing that after
finishing Language Bridge (which is supposed to
take about 4-6 months, depending on how much
time one wants to spend on each lesson).

There is also a private Russian language
tutor in Russia, who teaches via e-mail
(using attachments in MSWord and
WAV sound files back and forth).  His
name is Leonid, but I don't have
his www address offhand.  Try a search
for "Leonid's Russian Language School"
(that's the name of his website), and his
prices are inexpensive - I believe he
charges about $45 american dollars per
month, although I could be wrong about

He also runs a mailing list which is
very interesting, for Russian
language students.  It is:

[log in to unmask]

You can tell her that, to subscribe,
one sends email to:

[log in to unmask]

These are all I can think of right now -
1) Language Bridge
2) Rosetta Stone
3) Leonid's online Russian school
4) Russian_Language mailing list

Also, if you like, perhaps you could put her
in touch with me, as it sounds like we
are on the same level of knowledge in
Russian, and could perhaps help each
other out in our independent studies.

Thank you very much!

           Kenneth Udut

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