running your own business vs having a job

Yeah – your happiness quotient definitely goes up in some ways, once you get it going, because you can control your time.

Drawbacks are mostly “not knowing”.   When you have a job, you know what your money is going to be week-to-week, month to month.  You have set hours, you do what you have to do, then you’re free to go home.

A job is the same as going to school.  Just replace teachers with bosses.  Same.

What I love about doing your own business is that there’s no limits.  If you want to start a business while going to school right now, you *can*.  Age is not a limitation.  [maybe you can’t get a bank acct/legally sign papers, which is *stupid to me* – but you _can_ do everything else.  Just use cash]

if you want to start a business when you’re working a steady job, you *can*.  [unless you’re stealing work from your job, which is a _bad idea_]

So, all in all, it’s pretty cool :)

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