”Roots of Hatred burrow de

”Roots of Hatred burrow deeply.” (that my words xD)

Cut out, wash away, or smooth out the hate inside of you.

Before it burrows too deeply and, like a forgotten weed near the concrete foundation of a house, starts to travel into the concrete and break it apart, bit by bit, slowly destroying you from the inside out. Invisibly. Unseen.


One word.


One rule:


Dismantle the railroad tracks of hate connecting you to the object of your hate. The circle must be broken so the train cannot go round and round and round and round, getting faster and faster, roots growing deeper and deeper.

This is why Love is so important. Hatred destroys you, for it only happens inside of your Mind. And it will wreck your mind, if you don’t get rid of it. Any of it. All of it. And replace it with Love, or at least, ”Doesn’t matter.”, which is another way of saying ”I accept things as they are, and it’s ok”

Thoughts? I want to know where its wrong, so I can fix this concept.

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