ROM IDEA TO REALITY IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS. *tracing on your computer screen*

Hi all. I wanted to create a FLUIDIC AMPLIFIER – something I saw a few months ago in my research and wanted to see it working.

BUT I can’t carve, or draw, so i gave up on it… until 45 minutes ago.

THEN I thought: Hm… what if I could TRACE the image on a FLUID SIMULATOR?

So, I found a Tracing utility (Ghost – see below) – and a Liquid Simulator

It worked SO QUICKLY and SO WELL in just a 1/2 hour of my life… that I spent 2 minutes making an instructional video and 5 minutes uploading it and writing what you see right here.

Now that I have this ability, I can take ANY DRAWING – say of ANY PATENT EVER MADE FOR ANY THING MECHANICAL – and with the right simulation program, i can MAKE IT REAL (in a simulated form) – and *SO CAN YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*

Keep being awesome. Love you all! Bai! -Ken ken ignorelist com minecraft

Ghost overlay: Take any window (Windows) and make it a GHOST and you can SEE IT but all the clicks and typing and stuff go RIGHT THROUGH IT to the window below.

GREAT FOR GAME DESIGNERS. so they say.. I think it’s good for artists engineers and well, anybody who can’t draw – like me… but I *can* trace…. sort of.


I used Fluid Simulator 2 ’cause it was simpler and I really didn’t want to spend ANY time on this at all.

but the one with more features is Liquid Simulator 3:

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