Rock bottom is relative.

Rock bottom is relative.
Today, my 9 yr old ne spent 2 hrs uploading a “let’s play” video he made to Youtube, only to see it fail. On top of it, his Animal Jam membership expired.

He was mad, upset, life was over. But then I noticed a Disney Frozen thing from my 3 yr old niece. It’s supposed to be a magic wand. It’s got a heart at the bottom and a stick you hold. Press a button and a light up spinny thing happens in heart part.

I just had to hold it with the heart upside down, stick facing up, in the palm of my hand and I just said, “Really?” with a raised eyebrow.

Instant cure. He got over his devastation because he was laughing ’til his gut hurt, because, yes, it looks like a penis.

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