Robert Rocco Cottone – an alternative timeline Kenneth Udut

In my ongoing search for “alternative Timeline Kenneth Udut” [those leading lives I could theoretically lead or have led] I just came across: “Robert Rocco Cottone” – older than me, but oddly enough, shares my birthday (January 28th). [Astrology, you get one point here! Congratulations ]

He’s a psychologist and sociologist and came up with the concept of [Bracketed Truth]. This means that, in his view, ‪#‎truth‬ is something decided upon by groups of people. Within their groups, there may be Absolute Truths that are completely absolute from within their perspective, although not necessarily absolute truth from the perspective of a group that has their own [Truth].

While I differ from him in many ways, again, these are alternative Timeline Kenneth Udut’s; and interestingly enough, he even founded a ‪#‎religion‬ that I might have founded, had I been in his shoes, with his opportunities and such. It’s a little stricter in some ways than I would have done it; but not so far off. He founded the Church of Belief Science; where you come together, come up with your own [Truth] and, well, there ya go; it’s yours.

Pretty much, as long as you don’t hurt anyone, you’re good to go.

No, I’m not joining it; but still, I love finding people where I can say, “Wow, that could’ve been me”. I can see what they did and and imagine what I would have done the same or differently.

It’s also consoling regarding achievements that I feel, “someone needs to do that!!” because, well, they’ve done it (or something close enough) and I can let go of that need to be ‪#‎theone‬ that does.

It’s not exactly the church I might have founded, but darned close enough, especially considering his heavy use of science, positive outlook, psychology, sociology, etc. Thumbs up to you, Alternative Timeline Kenneth Udut – with the name Robert Rocco Cottone. Good job and well done. Now I don’t have to do it if I don’t feel like it. Yours is close enough.

[and to add on; that’s not to say I believe or don’t believe in absolute truth or absolute truths – I just know that, with a few different decisions here and there, I might have done/decided similar things]

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