Rights can’t be assigned on basis of merit – Rights just ARE.

“Rights can’t be assigned on basis of merit – Rights just ARE.”

Date:         Wed, 20 Nov 1991 15:43:00 EDT
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From:         Kenneth Udut <KUDUT@HAMP.HAMPSHIRE.EDU>
Subject:      Re: The Big Question:  Who Decides?
Re: A RIGHT but not necessarily RIGHT

Pete, you’re… umm….err… “right”. Calling something a right is -much- different than calling something right. Feel free to change any and every occurence of “right” in my “Big Question” to “a right” :)

But seriously, having a right, from what I’ve been told, -does- imply have a responsibility for any action done on the basis of that right. (oh my, I’m talking like a college student! I’ve been priding myself on only being able to talk on an 8th grade vocabulary, making myself understandable to a large audience. Well, shoot me once I say “antidisestablishmentarianism” on a regular basis!) Having rights without responsibilities = anarchy. Nothing is inherently wrong with anarchy, but it seems that you’d always have to be ‘on your toes’ if it was happening :) Anarchy also requires a LOT of trust to function (everyone’ll probably have to start trusting and respecting others, since there wouldn’t be ‘laws’ to fall back on. Ask me more personally if you’re confused)

A problem that I see is that people under 18 are given all the responsiblity for things that don’t seem to matter (i.e. – schoolwork at school -and- at home) with no REAL responsibility for things that matter and no RIGHTS to go along with it (except the rights that they are TOLD they can have… like the RIGHT to say NO (Umm… sounds more like the RESPONSIBILITY to say NO. Calling it the RESPONSIBILITY to say “NO” is more truthful, and might get more people to actually say it, being that it would be shown in its true light. I mean, how can you have the right to say no, when you don’t have the equal right to say yes? Rights never seem to be ‘handed’ to a person unless it’s benificial to the person handing the rights. Then the “Rights” aren’t “Rights”; they are requirements (or, at the very least, responsibilities). Rights can’t be assigned on basis of merit – Rights just ARE.

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