Right to die? When it’s pushed by doctors as “the right choice” – it’s a bad policy.

I don’t remember the country now – perhaps it was Norway? Anyway, one of the early adopters for a “right to die” had a problem within a year or so. I don’t know if they resolved it:

Doctors were trying to convince patients that they shouldn’t burden their families. That’s bothersome.

Yet, it happens in the USA. With my grandmother, one callous doctor said, “She *obviously* has no quality of life. [that’s after a 5 minute examination just after she had gone through a diabetic issue].

The doctor was an asshole who obviously never left the hallowed halls of school and went straight to doctoring. Anyway, he was wrong. Yet, subtle coercion? Yes it was. What a prick. He would’ve suggest to my grandmother that she kill herself in order to “spare us the pain” even though taking care of her wasn’t a pain at all.

That’s the problem with that type of system being instituted. Social pressures are bad enough – but then authority figures that we’re trusted to believe get involved too.

Oh, and my grandmother? She lived for 3 more years after that. At one point she was bedridden, missing a leg due to bad diabetes, but she was happy, enjoyed eating, and enjoyed her TV shows and cat, even though she couldn’t speak by then.

Only the people who know the person can decide such things. My grandmother was lucky that we knew her ways.

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