[right now my older self is laughing. He’s like, “Oh Ken, you have no idea just how awesome things are gonna be. You just wait

+Alex Green  +Phil Sierra Jones  +Pharaoh Atem tnx for the feedback by the way.  Means more than I can say.  In a weird way, I feel like I’m giving these proclamations both directly to you guys and also to my younger self.

[right now my older self is laughing.  He’s like, “Oh Ken, you have no idea just how awesome things are gonna be.  You just wait – and look at your hair – it’s still got color in it!  hah!”]

I have a strange view of time, and I never really “lost” my perspectives of “me” at different ages; I remember the world at “me at 8 years old” and at every age beyond that one; even a few before;

And I think the Kenneth Udut who existed at those ages hears me.  Not in a metaphorical way, but in a weird, timey-whimey sort of way, and he hears me and it helped him decide if the “now me”  is right, wrong, is full of crap, or knows what’s talking about and ended up leading to where I am right now.

I also believe you can talk to your future self.  He can hear you too.  There’s really not a heck of a lot in the laws of Physics that prevents Time from working that way, so I don’t see any reason why it doesn’t really work that way.

😀   [I also don’t care if it’s wrong either.  The thought of communicating freely across Time, both forward and backwards simultaneously, appeals to me 🙂 ]

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