Rhetoric -> Gestalt. Figure of Speech Law of Symmetry (Follows)

Rhetoric -> Gestalt.
Figure of Speech
Law of Symmetry (Follows)
Antimetabole,Commutatio Repetition of words in successive clauses in reverse grammatical order: “we love a deal and deal in love”
Antistasis, Refractio The repetition of a word in a contrary sense, e.g. Benjamin Franklin’s “Your argument is sound, all sound”
Asteismus, Facetia Throwing back a term used by the first speaker with an unexpected twist, e.g. “yes, vain, glory it is yours to attain”
Homoioptoton,Similiter cadens The repetition of similar case endings in adjacent words or in words in parallel position
Homoioteleuton,Similiter desinens Similarity of endings of adjacent or parallel words
Paromoiosis Parallelism of sound between the words of adjacent clauses whose lengths are equal or almost equal
Repetitio Repeating the same word variously throughout a sentence or discourse
Tricolon Three parallel equivalent elements in a concise series, e.g. “taste, trust, force – that’s a gentleman in a nutshell”
From: A classification of classics. Gestalt psychology and the tropes of rhetoric, Giorgio Baruchello

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