Reverberations through time within one’s own personal timeline.

Between the two, I prefer cyclical time. I tend to see things as seasonal. Not just earth seasons but life seasons. Reverberations through time within one’s own personal timeline.

Like themes. Or the way we recall memories. When you’re drunk, you remember things you did when you’re drunk. You have drunk memories.

When you’re angry with someone, all the memories of the angry-with-that-someone come up yet they’re often not there when you’re not angry with that someone.

In the process, we seem to follow scripts based upon earlier formed patterns.

I think the block view of time; where Time is a cake, is a necessary-for-some-purposes but a VERY limiting metaphor that misses a lot of connections across time that are neither cyclical nor linear.


Yes, same yet also entirely unique. That is what’s fascinating about time.


I’ve known people (and likely done it myself) that like to recreate events in a cycle-fashion. I think it brings comfort to an uncertain universe.

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