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I’ve implemented this rev=”canonical” idea on in the hopes that it catches on further.

It wasn’t hard to put together. I followed the style used on like so: is the original

and in the header, I have:

<link rev=”canonical” rel=”self alternate shorter shorturl shortlink” href=”” />

which is the form used on, which I happen to like, as it takes into account not only the rev=canonical, but ALSO the rel= self, or alternate or shorter or shorturl or shortlink ideas, which are ALSO excellent notions.

If I wanted to go further, I will probably do a mod-rewrite to make the go.php into go

But I figured since I had this GREAT nick-name system already in place that I was hardly taking any advantage of on my CMS (YACS – a little known system out of france), I might as well use it.

It’s not MUCH shorter (maybe 5-10 characters shorter at best – and some of them end up being LONGER) – but I figure that it’s a beginning of a great idea!

Ken Udut of Naples Florida

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