Responsible would mean holding to the 7 principles.

Responsible would mean holding to the 7 principles.


A free and IRRESPONSIBLE search for truth and meaning would be searching for truth in meaning that, say, denied inherent worth and dignity of every person;

The 7 are a set. You can’t pick and choose.



It’s not as Relativistic as you think.
 Everybody who adheres to these principals.
 They do and you’re right. creedless is more a marketing term than anything.
There’s basically two types of UU congregations that I’ve seen.
One is solely Unitarian Universalist Christian. It’s more conservative and “feels like” a Methodist, Congregationalist, maybe a more liberal Presyterian or liberal Baptist at a stretch — but in that basic family.
The other, which I liked, is the come one ,come all (so long as you aren’t an asshole). The only thing that was a bit boring is the talks and meetings were LONG, wordy and very political.
 For an analogy, President Jimmy Carter would probably feel right at home in the more Christian UU churches as he was liberal by changing Southern Baptist standards, which shifted right from the 80s onwards.But he’d probably be totally spooked by the oddballs in the kind of UU congregations i liked.

Florida originated Stand Your Ground in 2005 and others followed.

It’s an ongoing experiment. Law continually changes and is not fixed.


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