researching the history of education – byzantium, western civ, university, ev.

Hm – Now I’ll have to investigate further. I enjoy “But..” because I always learn something and I’m always prepared to be mistaken.

This was one of those “just woke up with this concept” thoughts and while I’m aware of t
he arabic schools, I was always under the impression that the Arabic schools were Byzantine schools, which were Greek in origin and, fundamentally Greek in origin, adopted by the Islamic scholars in turn.

But I will investigate further – thank you for the challenge smile emoticon

I find this part of history fascinating, mostly because of my ongoing shock at the tremendous gaps in what I was taught in school, particularly Western Civ, compared to what I learned as an adult.

There’s one Islamic scholar I found that supports your claim, and it’s certainly possible, although at present, it seems to have been primarily influenced by – which was part of the ongoing Greek Rhetoric tradition. [a Wester Civ. myth is that Education went away after the fall of the Roman Empire and then resurfaced around the beginnings of the 11th century in England, the founding of the University of Paris and such… but that view of history entirely neglects the ongoing Byzantine tradition which continued unabated through entire time].

I’ll keep searching

Oh exactly. And there’s undoubtedly influence from the Far East as well that I haven’t seen yet, because Constantinople was *the* Gateway and from reputation, there isn’t much you couldn’t buy there.

We get to hear about Marco Polo which is nice and all that, but there’s certainly must be more to the story, as he wasn’t unwelcomed in China from what I remember. China has always been an excellent sea trader throughout its history and I’m sure a prick beneath the Internet surface will show a China/Constantiple trade route.

With economic trade comes cultural trade.

While this isn’t DIRECTLY related, is a really nice viewpoint of history from a perspective we don’t often get to see. If you can get past the flowery “Greeks are Awesomer than the rest of the world” language, it helps show the Greek-Slav connection, something I don’t think we _ever_ get to learn in our Western Civ classes, even *though* they’re ALL a part of Western Civ.. or should be. I love filling in knowledge gaps.

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