removing ppl from society – potential for abuse is always there but ppl will try anyway.

Well the process of removal – that’s the question. We currently have a few removal methods: prison and the criminal justice system in general. There’s also abortion, which is self-selecting at present but there is also encouraged miscarriages via doctors/families/society and such. [‘can’t afford it / you’re not smart enough to raise a child / the child will have genetic defects – here’s proof (waves paper with lots of numbers) / ‘it’s a burden on society’ (population growth argument] etc.

I’m neither for nor against it; not being in a position to even potentially carry, bear and give birth at present, it’s just hollow empty words out of my mouth… or rather, my opinion on the issue should have more limited weight – just as any opinion I have on parenting should have slightly lesser weight (no matter *how* educated I may see myself), as my experience isn’t day-to-day but an outsider’s POV.

I still give my opinions though

Anyway; I believe the genetics argument will grow in strength and there’s already some work on custom babies being done here and there, afaik.

It’ll be couched in positive terms but, in general, it’s a form of Eugenics.

Again, not that I’m against or for it; I don’t know enough to make a conclusion either way just yet.

My ‘gut’ would have separation taking place at the education level; removal of the bell curve but a replacement of a different type of monitoring system which includes potential sociopathic tendencies. Separate schooling for they have separate needs is my instinct.

I believe the “lessened conscience” serves a purpose in society but they need special training that’s different from more empathic individuals.

[yes, separate but equal]

That’s about all I got so far. Thoughts?

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