Remember: You have the right to make the wrong choice.


You have the right to make the wrong choice.


You have the right to do drugs.
How others respond to that? They have that right too.


I’m not talking about legal rights.


Not necessarily. Depends on the abilities of those enforcing the law.


There’s no have to. There’s natural consequences of course. But social consequences are flexible.
Ok. here: You do a thing. It’s your right to do a thing. Granted by who? By your natural abilities.

Now, nobody sees you do the thing. In that case, there’s no society, no attitudes to shift, no social anything.

That’s the most basic case.

There are some sayings that are plain wrong:
“There’s no such thing as a perfect crime”.
But of course there is. The graveyard is full of perfect crimes.
In a “perfect crime”, there’s really no crime because nothing happened. Maybe it did, but if there’s no proof, nothing happened.
Now that’s your natural abilities. What you can do within the means of your body/mind and resources.

But, then, you have something else: Other people’s eyes.

Some people’s eyes see something that doesn’t fit this thing called Law. If that person is Law Enforcement, does that mean you don’t have the right to do the thing you did?

Well, let’s say you’re friends with the law enforcement officer. You convince the law enforcement officer to say/do nothing and they don’t.

You’ve just leveled up in your rights because NOW someone who has the ability to enforce this thing called Law, doesn’t. Your rights have increased.

If this extends beyond Law enforcement into the Courts (a judge) or Media (they can say nothing), then your rights extend even further because there are more eyes that can see it that don’t see it, rending whatever you did non-existent.

It’s as if nobody saw it at all, like the first case.

So, whether or not something is legal or illegal only matters if you’re processed by the system that either enforces law or proscribes justice.


So what I gave you is how sociopathic people think naturally. You’re probably generally a law-abider. I’m generally a law-abider. I think, “Is this legal or illegal?”

But, if the whole “legal or illegal” question is just a matter of smooth-talking the right people, suddenly, there’s nothing you can’t do.

And the strange thing is: They’re right. The sociopaths of the world are right.

I’m just glad there’s not more of them.



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