Religious language in Science Law Medicine

We have the same problem in the Civic world.

Law is strewn with legalese that *almost* makes sense but not quite.

Science speaks a *similar* language to English, but they change the meanings of words we currently use for other things for their own specific purposes; then get mad when they’re misunderstood. (they need to remove the word “Proof” from their vocabulary; gives off the wrong impression).

Doctors and Medicine and a whole lot of Science also still stick to a lot of the 19th century way; using “New Greek” (or is it “New Latin”?) to describe things, helping them be specific but yet leaving a lot of it just not comprehensible, with poor translations everywhere and people getting confused.

And what do they all have in common with the priests and the imams?

a) Long, strict learning curve.
b) Incomprehensible to the general public
c) Punishment for getting it wrong. (a paddle or a Demerit or a sanction or a fine all amount to a similar thing.
d) Some really tough review boards for acceptance.

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