religions make for terrible science / science makes for a terrible religion

Well, I’m thinking in terms of internal mental constructs, not methodologies. Humans have a need for certainty and an ability to anticipate the future. Awkwardness and uncertainty is something we tend to rebel against, although it seems to be a part of the human condition.

As a science, religions generally do a terrible job, woefully unsuited, although when performing at their best, they can be functionally adequate for psychology, anthropology and transmitters of enculturated values.
As a religion, the sciences are becoming less terrible at it, although modern science advocates have a bit of an Evangelical bend to it, not having quite reached the maturity of ancient councils of Orthodoxy. In short, I don’t think the sciences are quite ready to lead societies in quite the way that religions have in the past, although the sciences make excellent advisers.
Still, I hope for a better alternative for religions or politics to lead nations into the future and look forward to the sciences maturing enough in their cooperation to afford them leadership roles in future societies.

Although honestly, I think as head-of-state, I’d prefer a Librarian.

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