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Sacred reality is simply correct; it is the way that it is. Eastern Orthodoxy, of which I have familiarity from a period of time in my religious questing, it is even in the name itself; ortho-correct, doxy-belief. In Orthodoxy, everything, all the way to Salvation, is considered with the seriousness of your doctor telling you that if you don’t do these precisely specific things in this precise way, you will surely not live longer than six months.

Because it is medicinal – and I believe a medicinal view is possible in most religions – it follows naturally that human welfare depends upon it.

It is beyond human volition because there are aspects of medicine where it can be said correctly, “We only set the bone; we do not do the healing” – and it “that which does the healing” that is beyond the volitional control of humans.

And following from there, if one sees “the profane” as similar to playing outside in a pig sty with open wounds, nothing in what you do or are participating in can be considered sacred and it can cause you to get infected and perish in a most painful way. The notion of clean and unclean comes into play.

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