Religion isn’t the root cause. It’s the excuse. Another will pop up and replace it just as well.

Think how ineffective: “Hey, billion Muslims? Lose your religion and your fighting will stop”.

Ok. They lose their religion.

Then you get fighting with family grabs for power.

“Hey, family people? Get rid of inheritance and your fighting will stop.”

Ok. They get rid of family inheritance and we’re all individuals.

Then you get people with different forms of government fighting for their way-is-best.

“Hey people who are fighting over different styles of government? Get rid of government and your fighting will stop.”


Religion isn’t the root cause. It’s the excuse. Another will pop up and replace it just as well.



Maybe a fight against nationalism and tribalism? That might be somewhat effective. But then again, that’s _my_ ideology. I have no idea if mine is better than yours, honestly. I’m just figuring this out as best I can as I go along.

As many issues as it has, I pin my hopes for the future on something akin to the United Nations. Countries can keep their sovereignty but they have a people-based higher authority to answer to.



Fair enough. I just want to see more intelligence on the ‘net more than anything. I criticize the meme atheists as much as I criticize the meme Christians as much I criticize the meme historians, the wrong Tesla quotes by science-fans, etc.

That’s my main beef. You’re not a meme atheist. You’re also not running me down the standard 20-questions trying to convince me out of my agnosticism/humanism and into a category.

You have no idea how much I respect that, because the people who consider themselves atheist that are free thinkers like you are becoming fewer and fewer and a greater number of unintelligent people referring to themselves as atheists have been popping up.

Now, back in 1993, I remember talking with Douglas Adams on alt ascii-art when religious stuff came up and while he had the wit and sarcasm, it was educated wit and sarcasm and it was basically absurdist first, humanist second, atheist third. Well, it was covert humanism hidden in the absurdism – the acknowledgement that we are a ridiculous species of creature.

Absurdist humor has been lost as communication lines have broken down overall. Humanism has gone… where? I look around for it and hardly see it anymore, unless I first agree to x, y, z, a, b, c conditionals first.

I miss that.


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