Regrets? None. Just a bunch of alternative timeline Kenneth Udut’s who wish they were me!

I sometimes laugh at myself when I see the “if only I knew the future” moments.  I’m glad where I’m at now; alt-timeline Ken’s did that other stuff.

16 years old in 1988: Believed everybody that told me “Video games are for kids and have NO FUTURE”.

Went on early Internet instead.  No regrets here.

21 years old: Made friends with an Indian guy at work whose dad owned a shoe company that was transitioning into computers in India.

It was 1993.

It would’ve been a 5 year contract.  Two years before Windows 95 and the mega-blast of the Internet over society began.  At the time, it was just a nerd toy for ppl like me.

No regrets.  I knew once I went to India, I’d probably have lived a very happy life, perhaps prosperous and successful but knew I wouldn’t come back.

10 years old: Special lessons for Julliard music school. Told Mom “No, don’t wanna”.  She listened. Didn’t take the music route.

No regrets.  I knew at 10 years old that having to play what other people told me to would drive me mad and it wasn’t the lifestyle for me.

Yeah, I’ve got tons.  Yet regrets?  None so far.  They’re just alternative Timelines – other fictional me’s are living them… and they’re also doing just fine and yet, all wish they were me :P

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