Reduces to 501: Philosophy of Science 100%

Brothers and sisters > Fiction Genetic engineering > Fiction Imaginary wars and battles > Fiction Science Fiction Science fiction Soldiers > Fiction War games > Fiction Wiggin, Ender (Fictitious character) > Fiction Wiggin, Peter (Fictitious character) > Fiction Young adult fiction science fiction
Fathers and sons > United States Motorcycles > Maintenance and repair Philosophy and civilization Philosophy, American > 20th century Pirsig, Robert M Pirsig, Robert M. > Journeys > United States Self United States > Description and travel Values Zen Buddhism and science self
Leadership > Early works to 1800 Management > Early works to 1800 Military art and science Military art and science > China > Early works to 1800 Military art and science > Early works to 1800 Strategy > Early works to 1800 Sun-tzu, 6th cent. B.C. Art of war Sunzi, 6th cent. B.C Sunzi, 6th cent. B.C. Sunzi bing fa Tangut language Tao, Hanzhang. Sun-tzu ping fa kai lun. English
Adaptation, Psychological Adaptation, psychological Depression Ethics Optimism Self-realization Stress, Psychological Stress, psychological depression ethics optimism
Child Development Child Psychology Child Rearing Child development Child mental health Child psychology Child rearing Stress in children Stress, Psychological Stress, psychological child rearing
Causalité Causation Contagion (Social psychology) Contagion sociale Context effects (Psychology) Effets de contexte (Psychologie) Psychologie sociale Social psychology Sociale processen social psychology
Image processing Digital techniques Mathematical models MATHEMATICAL MODELS MATHEMATICS MATHEMATICS General Mathematical models Mathematics Mathematics General Signal processing Mathematical models mathematical models mathematics
Architecture Architecture > Designs and plans Architecture > Human factors Architecture > Psychological aspects Building > Details Buildings > Environmental engineering City planning Semiotics Symbolism in architecture Urban beautification architecture semiotics
Behavior modification Conduct of Life Conduct of life Interpersonal Relations Interpersonal relations Peace of mind Self-defeating behavior Self-management (Psychology) Stress management conduct of life
Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) > Religious aspects Creation (literary, artistic, etc.) Creative ability > Problems, exercises, etc Creative ability > Religious aspects Self-actualization (Psychology) Self-actualization (Psychology) > Problems, exercises, etc Self-actualization (psychology) Spiritual life spiritual life
Consumer education Medicine > Popular Works Medicine > Popular works Medicine > popular works Medicine, Popular Medicine, popular Naturopathy Self Care > Popular Works Self Care > popular works Self care > popular works Self-care, Health Self-care, health
Computer networks Miscellanea Economics Miscellanea Interactie Internet (aspectos sociais) Netwerken Rede de comunicação Réseaux d’ordinateurs Miscellanées Réseaux sociaux Miscellanées Science Philosophy Science philosophy Sciences Philosophie Social networks Miscellanea System Theory System theory Systèmes, Théorie des Web Miscellanées World Wide Web World Wide Web Miscellanea World Wide web World wide web netwerken world wide web Économie politique Miscellanées
Analogie (philosophie) Analogy Intelligence artificielle Raisonnement Reasoning Théorie de la connaissance intelligence artificielle reasoning
Endocrine glands Diseases Gonadal Disorders Pediatric endocrinology Precocious puberty Puberty Puberty, Delayed Puberty, Precocious puberty
Large Type Books Large type books Mental Health Mental health Mental hygiene Psychoanalytic Therapy Psychoanalytic therapy Psychotherapy Psychotherapy, Group Transactional Analysis Transactional analysis psychotherapy transactional analysis
Child Development Child Psychology Child development Child psychology Child study Children Psychology Identity (Psychology) > Case studies Psychoanalysis Socialization child psychology psychoanalysis
Cosmology Expanding universe Large Type Books Large type books Physics Space and time cosmology physics space and time
Logic Philosophy Research Science Science > Methodology Science > Philosophy Science > philosophy philosophy research
Astrology Interpersonal relations > Miscellanea Love Love > Miscellanea New Age Movement New Age movement Occultism Parapsychology love occultism
Classification > Handbooks, manuals, etc Classification > Miscellanea > Handbooks, manuals, etc Handbooks, vade-mecums, etc Hierarchies > Miscellanea > Handbooks, manuals, etc Knowledge, Sociology of > Handbooks, manuals, etc Knowledge, Sociology of > Miscellanea > Handbooks, manuals, etc Order > Handbooks, manuals, etc Order > Miscellanea > Handbooks, manuals, etc
Nervous System > physiology Nervous System Physiology Nervous system > Physiology Nervous system > physiology Neurochemistry Neurology Neurophysiology Neurosciences
Behavior > Physiology Behavior > physiology Nervous System > anatomy & histology Nervous System > physiology Nervous System Physiology Nervous system > Anatomy & histology Nervous system > Physiology Nervous system > physiology Psychophysiology
Auditieve waarneming Audition (Physiologie) Hearing Hearing [MESH] Music Acoustics and physics Music [MESH] Music acoustics and physics Musical perception Musique Acoustique et physique Muziek Perception de la musique muziek
Accordion fold format (Binding) English literature Expanding universe Fantastic fiction Fourth dimension Fourth dimension > Fiction Great Britain > History > Victoria, 1837-1901 > Fiction Little magazines > Catalogs Little magazines > Reviews Novels – general Sphere Underground press > Bibliography Underground press publications > Bibliography
Creativiteit Education > Philosophy Intellect Intelligentieontwikkeling Learning Multiple intelligences Onderwijs learning
Ayla (Fictitious character) > Fiction Europe > Fiction Fiction in English Glacial epoch > Fiction Historical Fiction Historical fiction Jondalar (Fictitious character) > Fiction Large Type Books Large type books Prehistoric peoples > Fiction Women > Europe > Fiction fiction in English historical fiction
Computer software > Development JAVA Java Java (Computer program language) Java (Langage de programmation) Logiciels > Dâeveloppement Softwares (projeto) java
God God > Biblical teaching God > Comparative studies God > History of doctrines God (Christianity) > History of doctrines God (Islam) > History of doctrines God (Judaism) > History of doctrines Islam > Doctrines > History Islam > History Islam > history Judaism > Doctrines > History Judaism > History
Game theory Interpersonal Relations Interpersonal relations PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL Psychology, Social Psychology, social Social interaction interpersonal relations social interaction
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Computer Vision Computer vision Computer vision Congresses Image Processing, Computer-Assisted Image processing Digital techniques Image processing Digital techniques Congresses artificial intelligence
Cambridge (England) > Fiction Chaplains, Military > Fiction Historical Fiction Historical fiction Mystery fiction War stories World War, 1914-1918 > England > Fiction historical fiction
Drug abuse Growth Health Human Physiology Human physiology Physiology growth health human physiology
BASIC (Computer program language) BASIC (Computer program language) Juvenile literature Basic (Computer program language) Basic (computer program language) Computer Games Computer games Computer games Juvenile literature GAMES Games Minicomputers Programming Programming (Computers) computer games games
Academic achievement > United States Child Psychology Child psychology Dropouts Education Educational psychology Failure (Psychology) Failure (Psychology) in children Grade repetition Learning Promotion (School) Psychology, Educational Psychology, educational Underachievers education learning
DEATH Death Death Psychological aspects Death Psychology Death psychological aspects Death psychology death death psychological aspects
Biometrics Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics Computer Science Computer Vision Computer science Computer vision Data Mining Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Data mining Image Processing and Computer Vision Language Translation and Linguistics Optical pattern recognition Pattern Recognition Pattern recognition Translators (Computer programs) computer science data mining
COMPUTERS COMPUTERS History Computers Computers History Electronic Data Processing Electronic data processing Electronic data processing History computers computers history
Adventure Adventure and adventurers > Juvenile fiction Animation Audiobooks Baggins, Bilbo (Fictitious character) > Drama Baggins, Bilbo (Fictitious character) > Fiction Children’s stories Children’s stories, English Fantastic fiction Fantastic fiction. gsafd Fantasy Fantasy Fiction, English Fantasy drama Fantasy fiction Fantasy fiction, English Hobbits (Fictitious characters) > Fiction Middle Earth (Imaginary place) > Computer games Middle Earth (Imaginary place) > Drama Middle Earth (Imaginary place) > Fiction Middle Earth (Imaginary place) > Juvenile fiction Middle Earth (Imaginary place) > Study guides Middle Earth (Imaginary place)–Fiction Middle earth (imaginary place) > Drama Quests (Expeditions) > Fiction
Adventure fiction Adventure stories Annotations (Provenance) > 20th century Bildungsromans Boys > Fiction Boys > Mississippi River > Travel > Fiction Boys > Missouri > Fiction Boys > Travel > Mississippi River > Fiction Child witnesses > Fiction Dummies (Bookselling) > Specimens Finn, Huckleberry (Fictitious character) > Drama Finn, Huckleberry (Fictitious character) > Fiction Friendship > Fiction Fugitive slaves > Fiction Humorous Stories Humorous fiction Humorous stories Male friendship > Fiction Mississippi River > Fiction Mississippi River Valley > Fiction Missouri > Fiction Missouri > History > 19th century > Fiction Political fiction
COSMOLOGY Cosmology Cosmology Juvenile literature UNIVERSE Universe cosmology universe
Analogy > Computer simulation Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Cognitive Science Cognitive psychology Cognitive science Thought and thinking
Child Psychology Child psychology Education > England > Experimental methods Education > Experimental methods Education, Humanistic Free schools > England Summerhill School
Education Retirement Success Vocational Guidance Vocational guidance education success
Love Man-woman relationships Self-actualization (Psychology) Self-actualization (psychology) Sensitivity (Personality trait) Stress (Psychology) Stress management
Chaos Chaotic Behavior in systems Chaotic behavior in systems Dynamics Nonlinear theories Science science
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Computer programming Computers LISP (Computer program language) PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Programming Languages Programming languages
Attention Brain Research Brain research Mental representation Neuropsychology Spatial orientation (Psychology) neuropsychology
Biology > Philosophy Cognition Cognition > Physiological aspects Knowledge, Theory of Knowledge, theory of Learning > Physiological aspects Neuropsychology
Consciousness Consciousness > Physiological aspects Consciousness > physiology Emotions > Physiological aspects Emotions > Physiology Emotions > physiology Mind and body
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Induction (Logic) Inference Learning, Psychology of Machine learning Memory
Decision Making Decision making Decision-making Intuition Prise de décision decision making intuition
Decision Making Decision making Decision-making Intuition Prise de décision decision making intuition
Biochemistry DNA Dna Genes Proteins RNA genes
Aesthetics > History Art > Technique > History Color > Psychological aspects Color (Philosophy) > History Color in art Color in art > History Colors
Child Psychology Child Rearing Child psychology Child rearing Children’s rights Youth child rearing
English language > Glossaries, vocabularies, etc English language > Terms and phrases English language Words (Vocabulary) Figures of speech Vocabulary vocabulary
Categorization (Psychology) Cognition Psycholinguistics Reason Thought and thinking thought and thinking
Child Psychology Child psychology Children > Language Language acquisition Psycholinguistics Thought and thinking
Happiness Life Life skills Success Success > Psychological aspects success
Ontology Ontology. [from old catalog] Space and time Space and time. [from old catalog] ontology space and time
Interoception Mind and Body Mind and body Self-Knowledge, Theory of Self-knowledge, Theory of mind and body
Ethics Life Mind and body Objectivity ethics life
Computer Vision Computer vision GEOMETRY Geometry Image processing Mathematics geometry
Child Rearing Child rearing Education > Philosophy Education-Philosophy Educational innovations > United States child rearing
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Brain Intellect Neural networks (Computer science) brain
Action and adventure films Adaptations Adventure fiction
Environmental psychology Visual Perception Visual perception
Human information processing Vision > Data processing Vision > Mathematical models
Invective Threat (Psychology) Verbal Behavior Verbal behavior Verbal self-defense
Calculus of tensors Fluid dynamics Vector analysis
Brain Intellect Thought and thinking brain thought and thinking
Information theory Mathematical physics Telecommunication
Human-machine systems Philosophy Interfaces (Physical sciences) Technology Philosophy technology Philosophy
Self-organizing systems Swarm intelligence Systems engineering
Medicine, Popular > Handbooks, manuals, etc Surgery > Handbooks, manuals, etc Symptoms > Handbooks, manuals, etc
Crystal growth Congresses Epitaxy Congresses Surface chemistry Congresses Thin films, Multilayered Congresses Vapor-plating Congresses
Electrolyte solutions Solid-liquid interfaces Surface chemistry
Success Successful people success
Computational complexity Machine theory Stochastic processes
Desert Fathers Monastic and religious life > Middle East > Early works to 1800 Spiritual life > Christianity
Object-oriented programming (Computer science) Object-oriented programming (computer science) Software refactoring
Child Development Child development Socialization
Computer vision Congresses Image processing Mathematics Congresses Singularities (Mathematics) Congresses
Critical point theory (Mathematical analysis) Differentiable mappings Singularities (Mathematics)
Computer algorithms Engineering Mathematical models Science Mathematical models computer algorithms
Irreversible processes Physics > Philosophy Science > Philosophy Thermodynamics
Russian language > Grammar Russian language > Synonyms and antonyms Russian language > Textbooks for foreign speakers > English Russian language > Usage
Industrial accidents Risk Assessment Risk assessment
Astronomers > Great Britain > Biography Clock and watch makers > Great Britain > Biography Richard, of Wallingford, 1292-1336 Time
Dirac equation Quantum electrodynamics Relativistic quantum theory quantum electrodynamics relativistic quantum theory
Computable functions Logic, Symbolic and mathematical Recursive functions
Critical thinking Judgment Reasoning (Psychology)
Modality (Theory of knowledge) Plurality of worlds Realism realism
Quantum theory Sakurai, J. J. (Jun John), 1933-1982 quantum theory
Lifestyles Quality of Life Quality of life Simplicity Time > Psychological aspects
Neurophysiology Neuropsychology Psychobiology Psychophysiology
Cosmology > Miscellanea Powers of ten (Motion picture) Powers of ten–a film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero (Motion picture)
Geographical perception Los Angeles (Calif.) > Social conditions Postmodernism > Social aspects Sociology, Urban Space perception
Economic assistance, Domestic Brazil Family services Brazil Poor Brazil. Services for Public welfare Brazil Transfer payments Brazil
Body language Personality assessment > Miscellanea Physiognomy
Physics Physics > Textbooks physics
Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Indic
Asia > Religion Philosophers > Asia Philosophy, Asian Religious biography > Asia
Philosophers Philosophy > Encyclopedias Philosophy > History Philosophy > history philosophers
Communication in the family Parent and teenager Parenting
Asceticism > Orthodox Eastern Church Orthodox Eastern Church > Doctrines Orthodox Eastern church > Doctrines Spiritual life > Orthodox Eastern Church
Computer software > Reusability Object-oriented programming (Computer science) Object-oriented programming (computer science) Software patterns
Computer software > Development Object-oriented programming (Computer science) Object-oriented programming (computer science) Software patterns
Mathematics > Philosophy Mathematics > Psychological aspects Number concept
Interpersonal Relations Interpersonal relations Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Myers-Briggs Type indicator Typology (Psychology)
Auditory Perception Auditory perception Musical pitch
BASIC (Computer program language) Problems, exercises, etc Basic (Computer program language) Problems, exercises, etc Microcomputers Programming Problems, exercises, etc
Concepts Language and languages > Philosophy Metaphor Truth
Medicine > Popular Works Medicine > Popular works Medicine > popular works Medicine, Popular Medicine, popular
Mechanics Mechanics > Early works to 1800 mechanics
Mathematics > Egypt > History Mathematics, Ancient Mathematics, Babylonian Metrology > Egypt > History
Capillaries Permeability Mathematical models Mathematics Congresses Mathematics congresses Microcirculation Congress Microcirculation Mathematical models
Mathematical ability Mathematics > Psychological aspects Mathematics > Study and teaching > Psychological aspects Number concept
Computer science > Mathematics Mathematics mathematics
Computer science > Mathematics Logic, Symbolic and mathematical Mathematics mathematics
Engineering mathematics Mathematical analysis Mathematical physics
Fractals Geometry Mathematical models Stochastic processes
Astronautics United States History Human-machine systems Manned space flight History
Employee motivation Gestion Management Personnel > Motivation management
Computational complexity Formal languages Machine theory
Automorphic forms > Congresses L-functions > Congresses Lie groups > Congresses Representations of groups > Congresses
Civilization > History Civilization > history Learning and scholarship
Early childhood education Education > Parent participation Learning learning
Cognition in children Education Learning education learning
Consumer education Dwellings Land use
Belief and doubt Knowledge, Theory of Knowledge, theory of
Agent (Philosophy) Knowledge, Theory of Knowledge, theory of Reasoning
Classification Electronic texts Knowledge, Sociology of Online resources classification
Finance, Personal Finance, personal Investments Rich people investments
Interpersonal communication Parenting interpersonal communication
Freedom of information > United States Information policy > United States Internet access for library users > United States Libraries and society > United States Libraries and state > United States
Image Analysis Image analysis Image processing Mathematics
Computer graphics Dimensions Hyperspace
Human Engineering Congresses Human engineering Congresses Human-computer interaction Congresses
Culture > Origin Human behavior Human evolution Social evolution Sociobiology
Education > Philosophy Education, Compulsory Holt, John Caldwell, 1923-
Color in clothing Grooming for Men Grooming for men Men’s clothing
Engineering mathematics Geametry, Algebraic Geometrical models Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Plane
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Game theory Mathematical models
Forecasting Uncertainty (Information theory) > Social aspects forecasting
Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic theory Field theory (Physics) Gravitation
Albinos and albinism > Fiction Elric of Melniboné (Fictitious character) > Fiction Fantasy fiction Swordsmen > Fiction
Agile software development Computer software > Development eXtreme programming
Descriptive set theory Equivalence relations (Set theory) Ergodic theory Topological transformation groups
English language > Clauses English language > Grammar English language > Terms and phrases Functionalism (Linguistics) Grammar, Comparative and general
Dictionaries, Polyglot English language > Dictionaries > Polyglot English language > Polyglot
ECOLOGY Ecology ecology
Decision Making Decision making decision making
Creative ability Creative thinking creative thinking
Cookbooks > 1930-1939 Cookery, American Cookery, European Jewish cookery Settlement Cook Book Company, Milwaukee
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Computer algorithms Computer programming
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Coding theory Computer programming
Chaotic Behavior in systems Chaotic behavior in systems Computer graphics Fractals Visualization
BASIC (Computer program language) Basic (Computer program language) Computer games Microcomputers > Programming
Analogy > Congresses Cognition > Congresses Cognition > congresses Similarity (Psychology) > Congresses Symbolism (Psychology) > Congresses
Adolescence Child Development Child development
Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899- > Translations into English Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986 > Translations into English Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986–Translations into English
Attention-deficit disorder in adults > Popular works Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder > Popular works Audiobooks
Attention-deficit disorder in adults > Popular works Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Audiobooks
Astrophysics Cosmology astrophysics cosmology
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence > Periodicals Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence > Periodicals Machine learning
Analogy > Computer simulation Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Copycat (Computer file) Perception > Computer simulation
Architecture Pattern perception architecture
Algebraic Topology Algebraic topology Algebraic varieties Homology theory
ALGEBRA Algebra algebra
Adolescence Parent and teenager adolescence
Mensonge Truthfulness and falsehood
Clocks and watches > History Time measurements > History
Archaeoastronomy Time
Tennis Tennis > Psychological aspects
Research > Methodology Technical writing
Communication of technical information Technical writing
System theory > Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc System theory > Humor
Expert systems (Computer science) System design
Self-organizing systems Synchronization
Nonlinear theories Synchronization
Surface chemistry Research Surfaces (Physics) Research
Surface active agents Surface chemistry
Matrix groups Spinor analysis
Home economics Sodium bicarbonate
Men > Sexual behavior Sexual behavior surveys > United States
Perception Senses and sensation
Home-based businesses Self-employed
Science > Philosophy Science > philosophy
Logic, Symbolic and mathematical Random graphs
African Americans > Civil rights Race discrimination > United States
Electric cookery, Slow Quick and easy cookery
Common fallacies Questions and answers
Causation Probabilities
Physics physics
Geometry, Algebraic Noncommutative rings
Computer games Juvenile literature Microcomputers Programming Juvenile literature
Computer games Microcomputers > Programming
Computer science > Mathematics Mathematics
Cybernetics Mathematical statistics
Feynman diagrams Many-body problem
Magic Tricks Magic tricks
Computational complexity Machine theory
Computational complexity Machine theory
Homology theory Local fields (Algebra)
Large Type Books Large type books
Career changes Job satisfaction
Intuition intuition
Abstracting Indexing
Clocks and watches > History Horology > History
Attention Happiness
Deformations (Mechanics) Fracture mechanics
Fractals fractals
Fluid dynamics > Outlines, syllabi, etc Fluid dynamics > Problems, exercises, etc
Electronic composition Electronic music > Instruction and study
Computers Electronic data processing
Education > Philosophy Education > United States
Differential equations, Elliptic Differential equations, Nonlinear
Coding theory Differentiable dynamical systems
Categories (Mathematics) Computer science > Mathematics
Cognition in children Cognition in children > Textbooks
Cognition and culture Cognition in children
Cognition Cognition in children
Body, Human Juvenile literature Body, human Juvenile literature
Bee culture Bee culture > Encyclopedias
Adaptation (Biology) > Mathematical models Adaptive control systems > Mathematical models
Voice culture
Transactional analysis
Topographical drawing
Reducing diets > Recipes
Questions and answers
Quantum theory
Quantum computers
Programming languages (Electronic computers)
Physics > Problems, exercises, etc
Philosophy > Dictionaries
Outdoor cookery
Music Psychological aspects
Music > Psychological aspects
Multiple intelligences
Model theory
Model theory
Mind and body
Mathematics > Philosophy
Mathematical physics Congresses
Manifolds (Mathematics)
Machine design
Lubrication and lubricants
Lattice theory
Language and languages
Lambda calculus
Knots and splices
Image processing Digital techniques
Hydraulic engineering Handbooks, manuals, etc
Harmonic analysis
Group theory
Greenhouse gas mitigation
Graph theory
Graph algorithms
Geometry > Data processing
Game theory
Functions of several real variables
Fourier series
Fluid mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Fluid dynamics
Field theory (Physics) Statistical methods
English language > Synonyms and antonyms
Encyclopedias and dictionaries
Electronic digital computers > History
Discourse analysis
Differential equations, Elliptic
Developmental psychology > Textbooks
Computer vision
Computer vision
Computer graphics
Class field theory
Chemistry > Popular works
Categories (Mathematics)
Categories (Mathematics)
Anxiety in children
Animal behavior Evolution
Algebra, Homological
Algebra, Abstract
Algebra, Abstract

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