Recommending ZIP over syquest – computer store experience ’97

I was a computer technician for a small computer store for about 11 months
last year, and ran across many weird combinations.

The Iomega ZIP drive, I’ve gotten to work with *every* PC configuration
that I came across, since we used a ZIP drive to hold the customer’s
HD while we worked on it, for various video, sound, bios drivers, etc.

However, the Syquest drives, we’ve had nothing but trouble with.

I don’t know if it is the drivercomp.sys.tandys, or the hardware itself, but they have
been very difficult to install – many times, we would be unable to
do so.  (We never sold them, but often a customer would bring one they
bought on sale elsewhere for us to install.  Much of the time, we would
end up advising them to return the Syquest drive).

The Iomega backup drives were equally simple to install.  And the
Syquest were equally difficult to install :-/

I don’t know why, but I would definately advice against the Syquest.
Also, the ZIP is much more used and is more of a standard (probably
because of its reliability).

Just a few thoughts.


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