REALLY FAST and he used the *deep* pipes..L

Yup – that’s the one smile emoticon I like the remakes of it better – the best version is E. Power Biggs (I liked it anyway) – REALLY FAST and he used the *deep* pipes..Last I looked, he’s not on youtube with that yet. I don’t remember how long the pipes were that he used or what organ, but on good speakers, they rattle the bones… and these are in the days before car-installable subwoofers were commonplace. I like extreme bass, whatever the form. I have to resist the urge to exercise it ’cause I like the little bit of hearing I have (I was born with “not much”) but now and again, whether it’s a 64 foot long pipe on a pipe organ or a bass drop on EDM, I’ll let myself go deep. I just know it flattens the hairs permanently that are in the ears, and born with most of them flat already… I only let myself do it _sometimes_ tongue emoticon

oh wait – yeah there’s one on youtube, but they left the crackles in. I suppose I can edit them out. I never found crackles in records to be all that romantic, although I like the warmth of analog. Ya get used to the compression after a while though, but every once in a while, I’ll hear the stepping of the fourier transform and wish someone would get a bulldozer and smooth out those jagged right angles.

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