*Reality* This may be a TL;

*Reality* This may be a TL;DR but it’s #deep #heavy #thought #memory #existance I need someone to poke holes in it. It came out as ”train of thought” so there is mispellings and typos and I may have skipped something.

Part One of Two: The Fabric of Reality, first thoughts.

I’m thinking the DNA structure points to a deeper reality that the DNA is a larger expression of. I think the fabric of reality – the fabric that all things are ”stuck to” – will turn out to be a much smaller and much longer expanse that works in a similar manner to DNA… or rather, DNA behaves in a similar manner to it.

It’s already known that all things are connected to all other thing through the fabric of spacetime – Einstein talked about it nearly 100 years ago and its existence was proven not long afterwards via the study of gravitational effects on light. Gravity is a ”fictitious force” – an expression/effect of the Acceleration of Mass and Mass itself being part of the fabric itself. But we are not on the fabric – we are part of it.

The manner in which we exist – the way that we come together and go away, the way we can communicate and express ourselves… the way that an electron or photon knows when we’re looking at it, is a result, I believe, of these activities taking place along the fabric of reality itself. We are within and made of and communicate within the fabric. So, the measurement of a photon seeming to collapse the wave-function is, in fact, simply causing ‘it’ (the photon or electron) to CHANGE ITS SHAPE.

I see reality as similar to a cobweb’s form. or perhaps visualized as a web made up rubber bands, with ”knots” of shapes that can be freely pulled apart, twisted and move back into a shape that is ‘hard’ – the 720 degree 1/2 spin of the electron moving in a manner similar to what you see for the Dirac plate trick and others of its kind.

The photon and electron are simply expressions of the same thing: we already know that the electromagnetic spectrum includes electricity and magnetism and light: We already know that they are all the same.

The mistake we make constantly is treating them as separate. Or treating them as floating balls that are disconnected from everything else.

But they and us are all part of it.

[continue to Part Two of Two :The journey from my computer to yours, from my inside of my brain to the inside of yours – what I think is *really* going on]

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