*Reality* Part Two of Two:

*Reality* Part Two of Two: The Journey from my brain to yours to mine again. Happening Right now.

When I type these letters to you, a thought appears in my brain, expressed as electrons. It unfurls and travels down the brainstem, the muscles of my arms and through my fingers to activate the movement of the keys as I type via the repulsive force of the electrons in the tips of my fingers pushing the keys down, whose electron replusive (paul exclusion principle in action) connects to the electrons travelling along the surface of the copper plate and then wires and go in several places from there:

To my lcd screen to display it there to go back into photon form to travel from the monitor to my eyes and changing form into electrons upon hitting the retina and going down the optic nerve and into the two parts of the brain responsible for vision and inrepretation of that vision. (fast – outlines and movement, and slow – associative) to be a part of the feedback loop that starts up the next letter It type.

Meanswhile it also goes to the hard disk to change form into magnetism to move the iron oxide dust particldes int eh hard drive.

To RAM in electron form.

And down the wires of the Internet, through each fo the connecting computers, to your ISP, through their wires as electrons, to your home router to your computer where the electrons change form into photons that are activated vis electrons to make the letter you see that then travels into your eyeball, focusing on your retina, travelling down the optic nerve into the two parts of YOUR BRAIN…..and back again…

All journeys take place in loops. You always end up back where you started, no matter how long the journey.

What do you think? How far off am I so far?

-Kenneth Udut, 4:40am 7/17/2013 inspired by on Facebook who wrote, beautifully and succintly, ”Source code? That would be DNA. Compiler? DNA Helicase and the other enzymes that read the genetic information. Output? Protein.” when I mentioned something I wrote as a speculation I made in response to something said here on G+ by , a post I have made further down here.

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