Reality is here. Embodied cognition, more. summary of kenneth udut’s beliefs at the moment… soem of them.

Reality is here. I hold somewhat to “Scottish Common Sense Realism” with that.
I lean towards Embodied Cognition rather than dualism or idealism, so perhaps it’s a kind of physicalism.. just not quite as reductionist as a lot of physicalism is. In short, we’re social creatures from the time we’re born and our minds/bodies are not only one but also socially. My body extends to incorporate what’s around me, into me, and me into it. Ok, sounds strange when put that way but I’m trying to use only a few words.

Dualism is built into our language and hard to avoid, due to the impossibly strong influence Plato and Aristotle had on everything in Western Civilization. In fact, they created it.. and everything that follows has most of their initial bias’ / ideas built right into the mix.

Those are my first thoughts.

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