Reality is far more boring than the news makes it out to be, even war.


  • Too one-sided. Strikes me as an ad-campaign for tourism. Whenever I see “incontrovertible proof that….” with lots of data, graphs and charts, my skeptical antenna pop up.

    I don’t like being guided down mazes of data to reach a single exit point. There’s always more than one perspective.
    ¬†Well, I take news with a grain of salt. They’re the worst offenders for making things polar and trying to control public opinion.

    I go by my own personal experience.

    I was raised Methodist, went Unitarian, Quaker a little, even almost converted to Catholicism to become a priest. Ended up going Eastern Orthodox, was at a monastery for a few weeks even (it’s my retirement plan – any monastery will do, or intentional community of some kind) – then I went all “into SCIENCE” for ten years.

    Now? I’m entirely agnostic. There’s reasonable people to be found in every group. There’s also extremists to be found in every group. I believe the majority of people in every group of people are generally reasonable people trying to have normal lives, and there are a few noisy blowhards who like to hog the media spotlight, make a big stink and blow themselves up, or make asses of themselves or whatever for some ideology, religious or otherwise.
  • The news compresses single events and makes them appear continuous. They repeat a single event OVER AND OVER again, burning images into our skulls, making us feel _as if_ they’re happening ALL THE TIME, when they’re not.

    They make war EXCITING. But war is usually people standing around, doing nothing, waiting to be given orders.
  • I’m not saying everything exciting is bullshit. There’s truth in there. But the more exciting something sounds, the more boring it probably was. Just like when you’d hear about THIS GREAT PARTY YOU MISSED from one person, only to find out from someone else that it was dull.


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