Reading Propositional Logic – aloud. This is complicated and incomplete but readable now.

(∀ A) ([(∃ w) (w ∈ A) ∧ (∃ z)(∀ u)(u ∈ A → u ≤ z)]
→ (∃ x)(∀ y)[(∀ w)(w ∈ A → w ≤ y) ↔ (x ≤ y)])

“For all A, there exists some w in A and there exists a z where for all u in A that implies that u is less than or equal to z and all that implies there exist an x where for all y and all w in A, the implication that w implies w is less than or equal to y is true. All the foregoing are equivalent to x is less than or equal to y.





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