reading. nothing sticks.

I’ve done audiobooks before.  They were handy when walking to work when I had my Handspring Visor with plugin “Springboard”.  I’d download audiobooks from my dialup 56K Internet and take it with me as I walked.

Felt like king of the world :P  Gosh.. 2000..

anyway, the last audiobook I did was an experiment.  A very long book that seemed interesting enough, I managed to snag a PDF of, convert it to text, and I had a decent text-to-speech voice read the WHOLE THING to me on my iPhone as I went to sleep.  Took about 3 nights to finish.  Don’t remember a word of it or what it was about… and that was only a month ago.  Just that I did it.

That’s my trouble with reading for me.  I enjoy it, but it just gets folded into the batter, dissolves too quickly (no lumps and even the chocolate chips and nuts break apart) and nothing sticks to the spoon, bowl gets incorporated into the batter, and the whole damn thing evaporates and gets sucked up into the air conditioning.

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